Saturday, December 27, 2008

CVS Haul!!!!

So I went to CVS last night and they had so many items in the beauty section marked 75% off!!! YAY ME! Anywhoo...I got a few things just because they were 75% off (come on, who can pass up a sale like that?) Check it out...

The items above that I did not take seperate pics of are:
Sally Hansen Salon Nail Laquer in Ready to Mingle (red) and Peachful Breeze (sheer peach) each for $1.62
Kiss Airbrush Nails (just because they were 75% off) they were $1.65
Rimmel London Cool Matte 16hr Mousse Foundation in Natural Beige for $1.99
Cover Girl truBlend Whipped Foundation in Warm Beige for $2.37 (which I need to exchange for a darker color)
Neutrogena Skin Clearing Oil-free Makeup Natural Look Blemish Treatment with Salicylic Acid in True Beige for $2.99 (exchanging as well because too light)
Physicians Formula Organic Wear Liquid Bronzer in Light for $2.99

These items from left to right are:
Loreal HIP Color Rich Cream Crayon in Unmistakable for $2.49
Revlon Creme de la Chrome Lip Gloss in Racy Ruby for 2.49
Revon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Raisin Glaze for $1.99
Revlon Shiny Sheers Lipstick in Sheer Peachy Sheen for $1.99
NYC Ultra Last LipWear Lipstick in Mousse for $0.49

The swatches from top to bottom are going from right to left of the products on the pic (make sense???)

Revlon A Floral Affair Sheer Powder Blush in Peachy Keen and Pinking of You for $2.99 each

Total I spent 33.34!! Tell me that ain't the best thing ever???? I am too excited. And when I go today to exchange the two foundations, I probably will get something else since I have a coupon to sve $5 on any $15 purchase. YAY ME AGAIN!!

Have a good day

Friday, December 26, 2008

Round 1!! Garnet...

Hey all!!!

This is my look for the first birthstone...GARNET...which is a really deep red. Beautiful color indeed. To produce this look, I used my 120 palette (I use this so much because it has all the colors in one place). I used a cream in the inner corner and as a highlight, soft red for inner 1/3, shimmer red for middle 1/3, and a deep cranberry color for the outer corner and crease, I used a matte black to deepen the crease and darken the color. Thought I did a pretty good job...let me know your thoughts...

(also, if you want a better can just click the picture and it will enlarge...just in case it ia not clear enough)

Sunday, December 21, 2008


I was sitting here today bored out of my mind and came up with an idea to entertain myself for a little while. I decided that I would do makeup looks based on birthstones. That is correct...I am going to do makeup looks inspired by the different jewels of every birthstone of every month. In order...starting with January down to December. Not sure exactly when I will start but they will be posted as done.

Also, if there are any looks you would like to see or any suggestions...feel free to let me know.

Have a great one.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

FOTW (very short)

This is a basic look I did all hair and makeup was pretty much the smae all week with the exception of the first pic which was the last day I did this look...I used gold and cranberry for this day but to me it was still pretty neutral. BTW...I freakin' love that hat!! It's my fav!!!!

Tropic Vacation (EOTD)

OK...when I think of a vacation, I think of tropic places...beaches, palm trees, water and sun. Also, I think of tropic colors (bright, vibrant colors). Well, today I was feeling like I was in dire need of a vacation so I decided to do a look with tropical colors since there was no way in hell that I was getting away. Below is the look...

I used my Beauties Factory 120 Palette with four colors...a shimmer teal, shimmer yellow, matte lime green and a matte cream aas a highlight. Milani Liquid Liner in Black topped off with Jane Mineral Gel Eye Liner in Black, Cover Girl's Professional curved brush mascara in black mixed with Revlon's 3D Extreme Mascara in Black. Loreal True Match Blush in N3-4, and some gloss from Bath and Body Works...dont remember the name or color but it is a shimmery cream color.

Monday, December 15, 2008

My Makeup Collection...well, most of it

Ok...this is my makeup collection...with the exclusion of more than half of it that I gave away to my sister. But I posted this because I noticed a lot of others post this blog so I figured I would join the party. Below are what is left of my makeup collection (what I could find anyways because I am SURE I have mascaras, lipglosses and lipsticks in a few purses). Take a look...

These are all my face, I do not use all this stuff...right now I mainly use the Wet N Wild Ultimate Mineral Powder.

These are all my blushes and bronzers...

My collection of many brands...and I WILL be adding more...

My mascaras...what is left at least because I am ALWAYS giving these away (brand new too). I am a mascara fiend and I mix them all the time. Can hardly ever use just one...

My lip glosses...I am sure I have more but I lose these all the time...

And the lipsticks...I rarely use these but I build the collection for when I want to use them...
And that is it...for NOW. I am too lazy to name all the items and I am sure you do not want to read them all...LOL.
Have a GREAT ONE!!

Mini Haul

Ok, so all last week Walgreens had a BOGO Free Sale on certain brands...they were Jane, Wet N' Wild, Maybelline and Loreal HIP Lip Products. I did not get any Loreal HIP Products but I did get a FEW new things. Ummm...Below are the products I picked up.

This is one purchase I made which included the Jane Be Pure Mineral Gel Eye Liner in Black and Jane Shimmering Blush in Peony. I think the Eyeliner was $5.99 and the Blush was $3.99 but I got that free.

So then I went another day last week and picked up some more items just because they were on sale. This time I got Jane Be Pure Mineral Powder in both Light and Medium. I got both because I didn't know which one would match my skintone. Best thing about it is that they were BOGO Free and on top of that, they were on Clearance for $3.59.
Now this next item wasn't BOGO Free but it was on Clearance and marked down TREMENDOUSLY!!! They are regularly $11.99 but were marked down to $2.59. WHAT A DEAL!!! This is the Revlon Soft On The Eyes Sheer Loose Eye Shadow Palette in Sub-Lime. It comes with a brush and a nice size mirror inside. I tried to do some swatches but my camera didn't do too well picking up the pigment.
Also, with this trip, I also got a $5.00 Coupon. SOOO...$5.00 off my next makeup visit. last makeup visit to Walgreen's but I couldn't resist using my $5.00 Walgreen's cash. So Maybelline was also BOGO Free and they also had $2.00 off coupons sitting right by the products sooo...I bought the Maybelline Volume XXL Lipgloss in some color (605 is on the bottom of the tube but it is like a pink/peachy color). It was $8.79. Then my free product was the Define-A-Brow Pencil in Dark Brown. It was $6.79. After applying the $2.00 coupon and the $5.00 coupon, I spent under $2.00 for both.
Lastly, I also picked up the Wet N Wild Ultimate Brow Color and Set Brow Pencil. It has a pencil on one end and a mascara wand on the other. To me, it is ok. But this is not a review so let me move on. I also got the Perfect Pair Eye Wand in a Lilac color. This is a shadow stick on one end with an eye liner on the other. Pretty cool looking. The Brow Pencil was $1.59 and the Eyeshadow pencil was $3.99. Great Deals all week.
Well, that is all. Just wanted to share that with you. Have a great day you all.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Copy Cat...

Ok, so I visited Tina Marie page today (as I usually do cause she is awesome) and she had a look on there that was copper and blue. Anywhoo...I LOVED this look. Her pics come out soooo clear (unlike mine) and she does such beautiful makeup. Anyways, I did a reinactment of her look (or so I tried) because I liked it that much. If you have not been on her page, you NEED to go there...she is awesome (did I say that already) is the place to go. Below are the pics...

What you think...

OK...I had to do my little sister's hair and makeup before she went out to a school event. I am more excited about the makeup because that is what I was more enthused to do. So below are the pics...let me know what you think. I did her full face including shaping her eyebrows...I hate that she has such thick full brows...JEALOUSY! LOL...

And the before...she will kill me if she knew this was on here but I had to show you all what I did so you can see my slight skill level! LOL

Monday, December 8, 2008


This is a look I decided to do with my eyes tonight. Out of pure boredum. Not perfect but still cute to me all the same. Let me know your thoughts...