Sunday, January 11, 2009

Catching up...(mini haul, DIY, etc.) I have been hella busy lately. I haven't been doing too much makeup application (trying to see if it speeds up my skin clearing process). But in the mean time...I have been checking out all the different blogs...enjoying my reads. I have purchased a FEW new things and am here to share that with you all.

First...a DIY. Do you have a blush hanging around that you do not use?? One that you wish you didn't buy or just neglect because you have so many others? Well, before you give that away or dump it in the trash...reinvent it. Make it into a cute, sheer lip gloss/stain. That is right. I took a blush that I rarely use and made it into a gloss/stain for my lips. Read on to see how...
My blush (a deep pinkish red) by Tropaz. Its a great blush, just a rare color that is too deep for me to wear often.

Take that blush and scrap some off the top. You can break a piece and crush it but I did it this way so that I can still use it and it doesn't look all crappy. Mix that into a small jar with some lip blam or petroleum jelly. I used petroleum jelly because it is already shiny and a great moisturizer for your lips (and any other part of the body). Take something (toothpick, bobby pin, needle, whatever) and mix the two ingredients together until completely blended.

Like will look something like this. BTW...that a carmex bottle I never threw away because I knew I would reuse it.

And have a custom made lip gloss/balm/stain that didn't cost you any extra money. And the good thing is...if you used petroleum jelly, you have sooo much in that jar that you can make 100 more in different colors (use eyeshadows, lipsticks, blushes, whatever). Just have fun with it.

Here is a swatch of mine. Its not as pigmented as it looks but you can build it. I love it.

My MAC mini haul...

This Christmas, I received 60 dollars in giftcards from MAC and for those MAC addicts, you know 60 dollars does NOT go a long way...unless you have a pro card. Well, I don't so I called my lovely cousin who does and told her to meet me at the MAC store.

Well, being the lovely person she is...she agreed. And this is what I got...

I have the Mac Pro Palette (15 shadows), Studio Finish Concealer in NC45, Paint Pot in Rubenesque and I picked up four eyeshadows (Freshwater, Brown Script, Sketch and Beauty Marked). I already had Expensive Pink, Creme de Violet, Goldmine and Amber Lights. I have Romp but I need to depot it. Anywhoo...the best thing all costed me 57.00. WHOOHOO!! Thanks Cousin!

I went to Rite Aid yesterday and picked up some bath items because I like to feel like I am pampering myself and not better place to do that but in the tub. Well, to me. This is what I got...they were all BOGO free.
Two products by Skin Below The Chin...One Clinically Formulated Vitamin Complex pH Balanced Body Cleanser in Spun Sugar and Clinically Formulated Turn Back Time Exfoliating Daily Body Scrub in Iced Lemon.
The Body Scrub (which is what I really wanted because I am addicted to exfoliating my skin) is really great. I used it the same night and loved it. It smells like lemon but not in a bad way (kind of energizing like most citrus scents are). It has little buffing beads made from organic rice bran that dissolve dead skin cells and other yucky stuff from your skin leaving you with smoother, more radient skin (thats what the bottle says). Do I believe what the bottle says....yes! Because my skin felt lovely once I got out the shower. The buffing beads are so small but just rough enough to feel like it is scrubbing all the dead skin cells away. I love it (but it is hard for me to not like any scrub since I am such an addict).
What's in it and Why?
An acid complex derived from sugar cane, citrus, apple and green tea helps to contribute to a more even skin tone by promoting cell turnover (like retinol a Im assuming).
Kaolin, a clay mineral, absorbs toxins from the body.
Vitamin A help protects the skin from evil environmental aggressors (thats why I take my vitamin a capsules. LOL).
Mango Butter - superior moisturization
I am so into this tyype of info because I make natural skin care products and love knowing what certain things does to the body/skin)
The Body Cleanser...smells awesome. It really smells like sugar but in a good way. Like sugar cane...hey, I like it. It makes the skin feel lovely and clean. I WILL purchase again. The bottle explains in detail what is in it...Ima give a few things here.
What's in it and Why?
Oat and amino acid-based surfactants provide extra gentle cleansing. (Surfactants reduse the tension of water on a surface)
Cylindrica seed oil helps repair the skin's protective barrier and fend off free radicals that can age skin.
Sea kelp to revitalize and help fight inflammation.
White willow bark to naturally soothe irritationand help vanquish meddlesome bacteria.
I guess this is kind of a review...I give both a 5 out of 5 because I cannot find any cons.

This is the Booth's Walnut Shell Body Scrub & Cleanser. Haven't used this item yet but when I do I will update you all on it. smells like a nutty dessert.

Booth's Buttercream Body Souffle. I used this after my shower. Its soft and not too thick. It absorbs into the skin well without leaving you feeling all greasy afterwards. I love for just that reason. You skin is soft, moisturized but not wet and greasy. Love it.
That is all for now. Hope you enjoyed my post. Have a great day.