Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Ok, if you are in the New Orleans region, then you are very aware of Gustave and how he is heading straight for us as far as the predictions go. Now, as ironic as it is...we are supposed to know when it will touch down as well as how strong it will be by Friday (August 29th) which is Hurricane Katrina's annniversary. If this is not enough of a headache for the city, the entire city (well majority) is in a state of panic and has booked majority of the hotels from here to Texas to Mississippi. Baton Rouge is completely sold out. It is still early and I know that it can still change to an entirely different direction but you still have to be cautious and prepared. Good luck to all of you who are in the area and may need to evacuate...for those of you who are not in this area...canI come crash by you for a couple of days???