Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I am moving...

Hey all...I am moving my blog and starting all over with it! The new blog will have tips and tricks, giveaways/contests (Smashbox, Beauty Blender, Mehron and many more have already agreed to participate) and much more. I want to start over fresh and new and am requesting the you take a visit over and follow my blog. Tell you friends and their friends to follow so no one misses out on the giveaways!! Thanks for following so far and not leaving me behind!! You can get to the new blog from HERE.


Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Hello all!

I know I have been MIA for quite some time and appreciate those of you who have stuck around. I have been very busy and am now ready to start posting again. I have been doing a lot of makeup gigs and am getting more clients. YAY! Also, I am the new Makeup and Beauty Examiner for I am soooo excited about that. I have made many connections with big beauty companies and am starting to build relationships with them. They are even sending me products to review!! I want to start keeping you guys updated with my step towards being a "beauty guru" because that is my goal. To make myself known in the beauty industry so I can share my talents with the world. LOL!! Anywhoo...some companies have come at me with the options of doing giveaways or exclusive discounts! This made me come back to my page because what better people to share this type of stuff with than my subscribers! As soon as they come about, I will post the instructions here on how you can win products and discounts from a few luxury makeup brands.

You can find my Examiner page here.

Just to keep you all interested...I'm going to share what companies have taken interest in me doing articles on their company. You can be on the lookout for exclusive information from:
  • Sally Hansen
  • Jergens
  • Avon Skincare
  • AmorePacific
  • N.Y.C. Cosmetics
  • Two Faced Cosmetics
  • Maybelline New York
  • Garnier
  • Napoleon Perdis
  • The Spa at Ritz Carlton
  • Neill and Paris Parker Salons
  • B Beauty Bar Minerals
  • philosophy
  • Faces Beautiful
  • Saks Fifth Avenue
  • Sephora

I am sure there are probably more, I just can't think of them all but that list is pretty cool (at least to me).

Stay tuned for more info and articles. Go to the link to my examiner page and subscribe to me so you can stay updated. My articles will come to your email so you can check them at your convenience.

Thanks you guys for staying with me, believing in me, and following me on my journey. It's only JUST beginning. Hope to see you at the end!!


Sunday, August 2, 2009

My recent photo shoot...

These are some photos from a recent photo shoot I did. The concept of the shoot was my idea...showing my creativity. Anywhoo...look at the pics and let me know your thoughts. Leave comments!!

Thanks for stopping by...PEACE

Monday, July 13, 2009

Latest Work and...

I lost a subscribber recently...and I am sad about it. I have not been updating my blog because my children broke my camera (like I can see the inside, they pulled the outer shell off). I think this caused my subscriber to unsubscribe. :(

Anywhoo...I did a photoshoot today with my excellent photographer (Cliff Lemar). That is the only way I could get the pics. LOL. But they are attached (a few are, we took 80 total). Let me know your thoughts...

Thanks for stopping by...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


OK...I have been HELLA BUSY lately, and I love it. I have been doing weddings, fashion shows, photo shoots, etc. etc. Ummm...I did a fashion show called The Art of Modeling where all the proceeds goes to send college freshmen of low income familes to college. GREAT CAUSE!! That was awesome. I had to stand for 8 continuous hours of non-stop makeup and I loved every minute of it. I attached a few pictures of that and will have more once I get the CD from my photographer.

Other great news...I am sure you are aware of the big Essence Music Festival concert that is here in New Orleans every 4th of July weekend. Well, during that weekend, there are nothing but parties, events, seminars, and of course the concert. To make a long story short, I was contacted by the Event Coordinator of Commonground Marketing in Chicago (google them, they are BIG) to do light makeup demonstrations for the hospitality suite hosted by Alberto Culver (google them, they are even BIGGER) and Honey Magazine. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG! I am SOOOOOOO excited! I signed the contract today so I am officially hired. You cannot understand the joy I feel! You know I will have pics if my photographer can come and shoot me doing work. The suite is for celebrities and special invited guests only. I cannot wait!!

SO, because of all this, I have to get a tradename because I want something everyone can remember me by and something I can expand into a household name. Like a brand name. My name is....well, I wanna say but won't until my trade name paperwork is filed and finalized cause I don't wanna jinx myself.

I have other gigs lined up but that is my BABY!

Pics are below...let me know your thoughts...

Thanks for stopping by...I'll try to update more often. Let me know your thoughts and ideas!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Photo Shoot w/ Purpleink Models

A week ago today I did a photo shoot with Purpleink Mgmt. models. These girls were a real pleasure to work with. They showed true professionalism as well as were very down to earth so I had a blast doing their makeup for this shoot. The photographer, Cliff Lemar (who is awesome) sent me these pics (just one of each girl). These are not photo shopped at all so the makeup is STRICTLY my work. He will do the editing to the photos (which are waayyy more than are shown here) once Valencia lets him know what she wants done. But anywhoo...on to the pics...
Me...hard at work...

The lovely Valencia Christina (owner and model w/Purpleink Mgmt)

and the models...

That is all for now...just wanted to share with all my blogger friends (especially you JEN cause you always tell me to do more with my skills...Im tryna get there girl...Love ya). Hope you all enjoy and let me know what you think. Where I did awesome and where I can improve!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Style Warrior...Fierce & Fabulous

In this group I am in on Yahoo! one of the veterans asked/challenged us to replicate a Style Warrior look. I chose the Fierce and Fabulous look. The face chart is below and my pics shortly follow. Since I never say too are the pics!

Hope you liked it. Let me know what you think. OH yeah...its my birthday yall and I didn't do DIDDLY but this look. HOW LAME AM I??? LOL

Neutral Celebrity Look Contest Entry

This is my entry look for the lovely la.morena contest. She asked that we duplicate a celebrity neutral/smokey look. I chose this photo because when I got it in the mail my first thought was, "Dang she look some cute on here." But anywhoo...I loved the look so here it is.

Let me know what you think...

For the items used:

Eyes: Loreal Decrease, 56 palette (shimmery tan on crease, pearl white as highlight and a smokey greyish purple color on my lid), Cream liner from Sally's in black, Rimmel London Glam Eyez Marscara in Black (love this mascara).
Cheeks: Revlon Peachy Keen Blush, Revlon Illuminating Face Highlighter (do anyone know if they still sell this??)
Lips: NYC Ultra Moist Lip Wear in Petal, Maybelline XXL Plumping Lip Gloss in 605 (no color listed)
Oh yeah, I cut my hair. LOL. Bet you didn't even notice!
Thanks for checking out my blog. Thanks La.Morena for the contest.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Deep, Dark Garden...

This is a look I did today just playing around with makeup and color. What's a better thing to do?? LOL. Anywhoo, I did a half and half half of my face is BARE....completely bare. A first for blogger. The pics are below...check it out and let me know your thoughts...

Thanks for stopping by...
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Friday, April 10, 2009

A Makeover...Before and After

Today was a dayof beauty. I did about four people's eyebrows and one person's makeup. I only will have two people's before and after for the brows but that's ok. You can see what I did from these pics.

Before Brows

After Brows

Another client's brows (after only)

Before Makeup (after I rolled her hair)

After Makeup

A few more after pics...

That is it for my day. Let me know what you all think!!

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