Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Greatest Makeup Finds

This is where I will post makeup items that I think are great. They are usually those items that are considered "cheap" but to me they are GOLD! I am on a budget but love makeup so...yeah.

First is NYC Maximum Boost Volumizing Mascara. To me, this provides great "naturally thick" looking lashes. It did NOT clump my lashes and kept them separated as well. Love it. Especially love the fact that it is $3.99.

Next is Maybelline's newest XXL mascara. It is called Maybelline's XXL Extensions. If you want a mascara that gives your lashes a falsie look, then this is it. Below are pics of me with the mascara on one eye. Just one coat. Trust me, the difference is noticable. The proce at Target it $6.49 (I think) with an instant $2.00 off coupon on packaging so the total I paid with tax was $5.06. (GOTTA LOVE IT)

There is more to come. These are my mascara greats of this week. I love mascara so I probably will have a new posting soon. Stay tuned

Recent looks

Here are a few recent looks. Mostly me being bored at home. Let me know what you think