Sunday, March 22, 2009

Too MAD!!!

Soooo....I went to enter Petrilude's Contest today. I sat there and did my look...took my pics...emailed him as requested...then went to upload the pics to realize that the format my video saved under is not compatible with youtube!!! To make matters much worse, I cannot convert it because I guess it is a format that is unfamiliar with these converting softwares. AAAHHHH!!!! I am sooooo HEATED right now. I have a migrane! Anywhoo...for those of you who care to see my entry is below. The contest was to do a look inspired by a picture he provided...the pic is below

THE PIC...isn't it beautiful???? I wish I were there right now.


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gosh this look is gorgeous! love all the colors. its so pretty...nice for spring

Kathleen said...

Oh no!!!! That is so frustrating. This look is so amazing though. I am in love with the colours!!